• islamic insurance

    takaful Islamic (Islamic Insurrance)

    1. What is Takaful ? The takaful Insurance is an agreement between members of a given group and common interests,…

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  • Islamic Mortgage

    It is known that conventional banks use interest-based loan contracts as the main instruments to provide finance to their customers.…

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  • Islamic Banking Vs Conventional Banking

    The commitment of Islamic banks in their dealings with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, distinguish them from the traditional banks.…

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  • Shari’a Compliant

    1. Definition Of Shari’a The literal meaning of Shari’a is “way” or “path to the water source”; technically, it refers…

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  • Islamic Banking

    Though Islamic banks are a relatively recent experience when compared to their traditional counterpart, Islamic banking and finance is becoming…

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  • Riba

    Riba is considered to be one of the transactions that man has known since ancient times and which all laws…

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